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Universal Pokemon Network > Build Version: St. Patricks Edition Monday - March 06, 2000
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Recent News
This page is updated at a minimum once daily.
Editors: Jaxel, Iyse, BulbaGarden, Hiperu

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Sunday, March 5, 2000

Titan AE > Operation: After Earth

9:21 PM - EST

Source: Operation: After Earth

Editor: Jaxel

I know lately I have been talking a lot about non-pokemon stuff; it is just that there is not really any Pokemon news, and the stuff I mention is usually very cool. Well there is something else for you to check out! I know many people out there are waiting for the upcoming movie "Titan: AE", well Fox Interactive has made their own online game in relation to the movie! You can check out Operation: After Earth here. And to those out there, I recommend joining the ship "Dragon's Hymn", captained by fellow otaku and Pokemon fan, CPioli.
New Video Clips!

8:28 PM - EST

Source: Not Available

Editor: Jaxel

We have four new video clips for you all to download! First, two of the clips are from the Ultimate Pokemon Anime. One is of Jessie and James' dream of opening up Pinky Land; from the episode "In the Pink". The other is yet another Japanese Pokemon ending, Pokemon Fantasy; we have it labeled as 7, but it is actually the third. Both clips can be found in the TV anime section. The next two clips are clips made for me by Jesse from DVGN. The first is a slide of Revelation Lugia scenes from Access Hollywood; it can be found in the News section. The other clip is the actual trailer to the upcoming movie; it is short, but nice. It can be found in the Feature section.
Just Some More General Stuff

12:37 PM - EST

Source: Not Available

Editor: Jaxel

Many of you have noticed the music. I just got bored yesterday, so I decided to put it up. You may also like to know that it is from Bishoujo Senshi Sera Muun [Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon]. I personally think that Haruka [Uranus] is the best of all the senshi, followed by Seiya [Star Fighter]. Haruka's move "World Shaking" is the most fantastic in the show's 5 season history [not to mention she is a lesbian j/k]! So the music you are hearing right now is the transformation music for Haruka and Michiru [Uranus and Neptune]: "The Spirit of the Outer Senshi". Haruka and Michiru first appear in the third season [Sailor Moon Super], which will not be coming to America any time soon.

In other great news, a new site has joined the network! Viridian City is based mainly around the anime, and it is a great place to find information. Yet another site to check out before you... check out. Also, we have been working on that hosting script, and we know that many of you have been getting permission errors. We are in the process of talking care of it; it should be done by the end of the day. All current members will be notified when it is fixed.

Saturday, March 4, 2000

Pokémon Gold and Silver

8:56 PM - EST

Source: Gamecave

Editor: Iyse

As September nears closer and closer, the states get ready for the sequel to one of the biggest games to hit the world. If it were allowed, I would order my copy now, because no doubt the stores will be sold out by the first day, and swamped with orders that will keep them unavailable in stock for weeks!

Another note, if you haven't already seen it... We have two more clips thanks to Pika_Pika. These two are when Charizard actually obeys Ash in episode #105: Charizard Chills. Go to the Video Section here. Remember, these clips could not have been made if it weren't for our new video provider Pika_Pika. Therefore, I urge you to go to his site here so he can continue to make these clips that have not yet been aired full episode in the US or UK. Please do visit his site, and let him know what you think about the great work he has done for us.

Friday, March 3, 2000

Pokemon the Movie 2000 [tacky]

8:04 PM - EST

Source: Not Available

Editor: Jaxel

If any of you saw Access Hollywood today, you would have seen the exact same preview that you could have seen by going to the movies and checking out "My Dog Skip". In case you missed it, and didn't get a preview of it, Jesse from DVGN has been kind enough to do me yet another favor and will be encoding the preview for the UPNetwork. And what else? There is a new hosted site! The Land of Wigglytuff is just getting started, but has hopes to be a future site for the records. Why don't you check the site out?

Thursday, March 2, 2000

Revelation Lugia Coming Soon!

5:42 PM - EST

Source: Yahoo! Daily News

Editor: Jaxel

Thanks to Sk8Artist, we once again have screenshots for 3 more episodes! Screenshots for "Fit to be Tide", "In the Pink", and "Bye Bye Psyduck" can now be found in the episode guide. In TCG news, the upcoming issue of Nintendo Power will be packaged with a free Mewtwo card, and if you go to any TCG Leagues, you will find that Wizards of the Coast is also giving away a free promo Arcanine card! And in a press release issued early this morning, it was revealed that the upcoming Pokemon movie "Mabaroshi No Pokemon Lugia Bakutan" [The Explosive Birth of Pokemon Lugia / Pokemon: Revelation Lugia], will not be called "Revelation Lugia" in the states. Instead, the WB will return to its tacky ways and they have named it "Pokemon the Movie 2000". And according to Mike Reyes, a trailer can be seen before the movie "My Dog Skip".

Wednesday, March 1, 2000

St. Patrick's Day Layout

6:23 PM - EST

Source: Not Available

Editor: Iyse

We have a new layout! We feature the super kawaii Eevee, and as guest w